Born on 27th March 1994 in Kigali , Jacques Nkinzingabo still lives and works in Rwanda’s Capital. Nkinzingabo is aself-taught photographer and visual storyteller specializing in Documentary Photography.His photography artwork focuses on cultural diversity, Memories, migration, identity issues, social and cultural issues. Nkinzingabo is one of the first photographers stood up to show a new images of Rwanda through documenting thebeauty , everyday life of people in Rwanda and what it means to be a Rwandasince 2013 . Nkinzingabo wants to tell a different story about a New Rwanda and discover untold stories around the world giving voice to the voiceless with his pictures.

Furthermore, Nkinzingabo is the co-founder of KwandaArt Foundation, which helps promoting Rwanda’s photography & art community through festivals,workshops and exhibitions.

He recently opened the first and only Photography Gallery& Center in Kigali ( The Kigali Center for Photography ), Rwanda where he displays the work of other Rwandan photographers and he hosts international photographers to his Center through Exhibitions , Workshops , Artist Talk , Portfolio Reviews and soon for residencies.

He traveled all over Europe and Africa showing his photographs and working on certain projects.

His work has also been exhibited in India, Germany, France and Rwanda and He has been commissioned by  for The New York Times, The Washington Post , UNICEF , The Global Fund , WaterAid , Body Shop International , TERRITORY , The European Times , Radisson Blu Hotel and more.

Jacques Nkinzingabo was part of an artist in residence program at Ruffinihaus in Munich, Germany and He’s recently working on a new project about Western African migration in Germany. 

For more information on Jacques's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch. ( e: [email protected] )

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