Too often, Rwanda is portrayed exclusively through the lens of genocide. The stories of Rwandans, and of Rwandan history, orient only around violence and genocide rather than around the country’s cultural richness and complex past. The majority of the media, especially photographic, on Rwanda is either atrocity or legal footage, which serves only to underscore the image of Rwanda as a deeply troubled country with equally troubled people.

1994- " I am a Survivor"  Comprises portraits of children born during 1994 and lost member of their families during the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

The Genocide caused great destruction, both in terms of human life and material deprivation. Those who survived continue to experience severe problems, being orphaned or losing relatives, physical disablement and psychological trauma. These factors have serious adverse consequences for student survivors, including hopelessness, social isolation, educational failure and a high drop-out rate. 

This series depicts a generation of children growing up without their families, but still achieving their dreams and wanting to send a message to their lost family members. 
"Inspired by Odile Gakire "

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